Out of Bed Daisy Head

One of the best lines from Sister Act

A Story I share with my Wife and an ex… maybe 2…and a beautiful Sunflower that came to me as Katie. My Child of Heart…

Like Sam…

My children of my heart are the only ones I have, but they still mean the world to me…they still mean son or daughter or offspring…

Oh I wish to give Young bloods a Sanctuary… Run to me in need and I want to embrace you.

I want you to Survive like I did…

Keep believing and living in your True Colors…Find Music, find Zen…

Until it’s Out of Bed again!!!

Care Bear Stare and saving the world again…one Daisy Head at a time!!

I have this emptiness inside

I have had this emptiness inside, almost daily now…it started within the first month of COVID time…

I’m one of those on the “Sent Home” front lines, of this, not quite emerged back into life filled with activities like before… I can’t anymore… what I need now isn’t from the store… My giveth cup is no more…I need to receive in order to feel restored.

I have the Silence around me, so my Mind can Think

I have to Sink Intuitively into myself from time to time and sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s short, but it’s always as Life just happens, it gets all jumbled up and isn’t as clear to me as before…

I forget what I am grateful for…

I’ve loss the time to stop and smell the roses.

I forget to appreciate dandelions popping up, attracting bumblebees.

Birds and Bird Feeders…the suet feeders bring up Fort Dodge memories, and I start naming my new friends…being near a Window to just be perched with delight.

I have wanted this Still Quiet Place for as long as I can remember…to watch the seasons change with Birds, Trees, and Deer…. looking them up to identify… getting my binoculars out… Reminds of a Home I had that wasn’t even mine…

Only on the Weekends with borrowing my Dad’s Time… I begged to go, when ever we could… my favorites get married and have babies and now grandchildren… Now my faved Aunts and Uncles are Great Grandparents… and I miss all of them all the time…

They’re always in my heart and never a day apart… I was born with this secret weapon…my Grandmother died ahead of me but not before she put her Love in my Heart and I walk this line of Legacy in this fine Family Village.

I still have a Big Drowning Hole in my Heart, I still Miss, but I can’t beg any more… I finally have my own home to do and be everything I saw while visiting… I have to put myself first now.

As Phobic as I am…it takes a long while to adjust… My phobias keep me home and afraid…as much as I desire to do… I am completely anxiety frozen in making any move… Public places are scary for me and often intimidate me.

I feel like my Fear keeps me prisoner of Empty Promises and my cycle continues, but I just realize it’s only False Evidence Appearing Real.

Do you see the cycle My Body regulates over time?

My evolution process is messy and worth it. I would rather evolve than Superficially whistling on the Bay, down the street or sidewalk… whichever it is that is The Way of your Red Road!!

Now to fill my Well with all the giveths I’ve Given… Only Love and Light can be shared or returned to those whom have giveth to me!!!

I have a Special Family, a Spiritual Family with Ppl I’ve met and we each have had a tug on our hearts for the other, making us willing to die in the name of the Mother…My Goddess of a Grandmother that been here at my side, this whole damn time…

My Gratitude is My Strength!!

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